A short sale is when your current mortgage, or a combination of a first and a second mortgage, are more than the current market value of your property. For example: If the total of your current mortgage amount is $350,000 and the current market value of your home is $275,000, there is a value difference of $75,000. This example means that you owe more than your property is currently valued. This places a homeowner $75,000 “short” of what they owe on their home.

There are different options for a Homeowner who is experiencing the above-mentioned Scenario. Trinidad-Aufiero Real Estate offers a FREE short sale consultation and will guide the Homeowner through every step of the short sale process.

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, call Sylvia for a FREE consultation:

  • Are you currently in default of your mortgage lien(s)?

  • Do you want to sell or keep your home?

  • Have you tried to modify your loan?

  • Did you receive a Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program letter?

  • Did someone tape a Notice of Default with bright-blue tape on your front door?

  • Did the Supreme Court issue a Certificate of Foreclosure?

  • Is there a Trustee Sale scheduled on your property?

  • Have you spoken to a Tax Advisor regarding the Debt Forgiveness Act?

  • Have you spoken to an Attorney for legal advice?

  • Do you know about AB149 or AB300?


If you have questions about your short sale and need expert advice, contact us today!

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