Congratulations in planning to purchase your first home, or simply buying another real estate property! Purchasing real estate is an exciting and memorable event, especially for the first-time Homebuyers. However, if you miss a critical step in your buying process, a Buyer’s experience can be less than a positive journey.

At Trinidad-Aufiero Real Estate (TARE), we focus on the Buyer first, the property second. During your free consultation at T.A.R.E we determine:

(1) “Who will be buying?”
(2) “What are your needs?”
(3) “Where would you like to purchase?”
(4) “When would you like to purchase?”; and finally,
(5) “Why do you want to purchase?”

As basic as the five “W”s, these questions are crucial and should be determined prior to your purchase. TARE will guide you through every step in your buying process with the goal of creating a life-time relationship with your real estate needs.

Let’s get started! You can pre-qualify with one of our Trusted Advisors or find

out your buying power with one of our Qualified Lenders!

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